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Part 1: Make Your Removable Storage Media Looks Pretty

Looks pretty?? What’s that? Its mean make your storage media (especially Flash disk/UFD) looks different by change its folder icon, drive icon, background, and also adds comment to your UFD.
Most of my friends amazed with my ‘unix’ UFD, and they don’t know how to do that. I have customized it so looks like picture below.

Because so many question about it, a will show method to alter your UFD looks whoah…!
At first, how to change folder icon in UFD? It can be easily change with folder existing in fixed media (hard disk), but not to removable media. It doesn’t have options to customize folder icon. It just a tricky.
Make a new folder in your hard disk and rename it. Now customize the folder by right-click its folder, choose Properties, open Customize tab, and there is some options to change how your folder looks.

Click Change Icons… button, please note that you only can change icon with the new one supplied from file system32.dll. After select the icon you wish, then press OK, and OK again.
Now copy that folder into your UFD, and see whether the folder icon is still changed or not :-).

Next, Find out how to change your UFD icon, background, and also add comment here...


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