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Part 3: Make Your Removable Storage Media Looks Pretty

pCont’d from part 2, wants your UFD have commented to identify like this?

Or, your folders have a comment like this?

It’s difficult? It’s simple. To create it, first, make file desktop.ini contains:

InfoTip=your comment here

Put that file into place where you want to add comment. For example, to add comment for your drive put it in root folder. To add comment to folder, put that file into folder you want.

Before that please make sure in your folder doesn’t contains any desktop.ini file. To do this, set Windows Explorer to view hidden and system file. If it exist, open it and add InfoTip= under [.ShellClassInfo] sub section.

This method not only for removable media, but also can applied to hard disk. I’ve try this only on Win XP. Please let me know for other Windows OS.

Next, applied background your UFD…


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