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The Importance Give an Appreciation to Your Employees

If the employees respect to you, so your business will still going on. How about if you don’t care to your employees?

To esteem your employees
Approbation, appreciation and confession have become compulsion. Through this process your work’s environment will become productive, progressive, and self-motivated.
There are three directions to give esteem to employees effectively:
  1. Make it suitable to their desirability.
    You can give appreciation as specific, so each employee doesn’t receive the same one.
  2. Give a respect suitable to their performance.
    Give an appreciation also depend on how they work, and look also to their achievement.
  3. Give it on time.
    An appreciation is impressing and will be significant if you give it in a right time.

Kinds of appreciation
Appreciation is a business behavior that is very easy to do and only need a little cost. There is no reason not to do that.
Rosa Beth Moss Kanter, Management Consultant.
There are three kinds of appreciation according to Bob Nelson’s book,
  1. Communication
    This is a very simplest and easiest, but has a great effect. When you act as a manager generally communicate with employees rarely. With communication with them so they will feel esteemed.
  2. No cost appreciation
    Say thanks, approbation, give a thanks utterance card, will give a good impression to your employees. There is no cost, but only need your willingness.
  3. Low cost appreciation
    Invite them to have a lunch together in a cheap place. Can also give a book, snack, with some word why they receive an appreciation.
Those tips also have a weakness beside give a profit to your business. You must consider if you want to give it. Because a form of appreciation is a reciprocal action between employees and manager, so both can get a profit.


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