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Missing in Multiply: Music Download

As we known, in a past we can download some music from But not in this year. Multiply has removed this feature and we only can play music through online playlist. Why? Maybe many of music producers dislike and told to Multiply to stop this to against pirating. It can be a difficult thing for us to get music for free.
In addition, Multiply also removed music search feature. It also can be a trouble for us to search what music that we need.

How to download music in Multiply

But we still can download music from Multiply although it need a ‘little’ work. You can try this if there is no way except download from Multiply. To download, following this instruction:
1. You must have an account in Multiply.
2. Provide an mp3 player (I like to use Winamp, and this instruction used Winamp).
3. Open and login into your account. If you want to use search feature, select search for Multiply. But this sometimes didn’t make better result T_T.

4. Open a certain page in music section (like example below). There’s no download link, but only list of music. Then look below of playlist, there’s a link ‘play this playlist’. Click it.

5. It will show a confirmation box, and then select open with: ‘Winamp’ if you have been installed Winamp.
6. After Winamp is shown, now look into its playlist. There are some file lists that you can play. To download, right-click one of them and select ‘view file info...’

7. It will show info box about the URL of mp3 file. Right-click on URL, choose ‘Select All’, then ‘copy’ it.

8. After copy its URL, you can ‘paste’ it into web browser.
9. After you enter the URL in the web browser, it will show dialog box. Select ‘save’ to download the file.
10. For additional, if you want to use download manager (ex. I use Internet Download Manager) you can copy the URL, from IDM choose ‘add URL’, paste the URL, and OK to start download.

Enjoy trying it! :-)


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