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Managing Your Mood

Someday in a famous hotel at 5 o’clock, someone want to check-in. He gives his name to officer rear desk reception and talk with a loud voice. He is looks very angry.

The receptionist said, “Ok, sir. We will provide one single room for you”.

“Single???!!!”, he said in a harsh manner. “I’m order double room!!!”.

Receptionist said courteously, “Let me try to verify.”

He draws order request of guest from archive and says, “ Forgiveness, Mr.. Your Telegram mentions single. I would very glad locates you are in a double room, if it is exist. But all double room have been full.”

Then he starts acting You-Know-Who-I’am, while giving threat, ” I will afford that you will be fired. You know? I will make you fired.”

The young receptionist try to interrupt, ” Sir, we feel sorry, but we act based on your instruction.”

Finally, the guest which really angry says, ” I won’t live in a good room in this hotel now. The management is really ugly,” and he also exit.

Then the receptionist’s friend ask him, “You’re very calm. How can you control yourself facing that man?”

That receptionist answer, “I can’t become angry with that man. You see actually maybe he just have a problem with his business, or with his wife. And just now is his opportunity to wreak his sulking.”

He adds, ” Basically he is possibly a real good man. Most people so.”

He can perceive that condition because he sets his mind with this things:
  1. Hold assumption that “most people basically is good”. With mechanism thinks like that, hence the receptionist can take care of position of its professional in giving service.
  1. Apply words showing attention, understanding, at the same time coherence in sociability. ”Good night”, ”Forgiveness”, ”I would very glad if”, ”We regret”, be example of words that is actually ”standard” in professional service.
  1. Do not assume position of the guest as thing of against your personality. Whatever you do is responsibility to tour work, and do it as good as possible. If you had done the best things, but the guest cannot receive the matter, so you have been free of your responsibility.

Ability to manage of mood is a vitally thing to be able to maintain happiness in duty and work. It is apropos of ability haves a self control, takes care seat of emotions in order not to be destroyed by trouble or obsession from outside. He relates to what which could probably conceived of emotion fitness.

People who trained and has emotion fitness, shows ability to manage his mood, so that cannot be destroyed by attack from outside. He can keep still calm, when found out upstaging even insulting from customer, client, superior or other party.

By mean of brief description above I wish to affirm that ability manages mood is not a congenital. He is result from a study process. We can learn manages our mood first of all by learning realizes assumptions which we held in an interaction with others. We also able to learn to say words which is calm down and shows understanding to opponent to speak us. Method to express, intonation and speed speaks also able to be trained until fluent and doesn't generate misunderstanding. And if it is sustained by accurate information systems, hence people who works in part of customer/client service, bank teller, the salesmen, and whosoever which the duty is always contact with customer/client, can those things above according to each context.

On top of that, whoever feel difficult to manage his/her mood, can try doing the same thing.


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