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More Space for Your Storage Media

Storage media capacities this time has reached set of Gigabyte, even capacities Terabyte ( 1000 Gigabytes) has started developed. But sometimes we feel our storage capacity still less. Takes example our harddisk 40 GB, filled many applications, music, video, picture, etc, without we realize simply remains remaining 1 GB.
There is many causes our storage media quickly depleted:
  • Have never to defragment
  • saves small fairish files in great quantity
Why saves small fairish file can cleanse space? This thing relates to file system structure applied to storage media. There is all kinds of file system applied that is FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT3(for linux), etc. Each file system has separate characteristic. Below is example comparison from kinds of files system by its size per cluster:

FAT32: 16KB
FAT32: 4KB

Three kinds of above file system saves one file in a cluster. So if we save small file contains only 1 byte hence the file will used space 1 cluster.
Let’s take to the example, you have flash disk 1GB with FAT file system, and contains 2000 files that all is only 1 byte long. One files will still used 16KB space (1 cluster). Hence for all file will used 32000KB or about 32MB. It’s really very wastefulness! So how can we do that files didn't eat more place? Use compression program! you can try Winzip, WinRAR, fitur internal compresi provided by Windows XP, and a lot of compression programs that is paying and also free.
Actually we don’t exploited its compression, but is merge all the files becomes one fully files. Out of 2000 files if compressed, hence its file size total becomes approximately 2000 bytes ( 2KB). This measure if it is kept at file system FAT only used 16KB. does it more efficient, doesn't it?
This way you can applied if you wish to save many picture files (more than 1000 pictures) with size not too big at flash disk. that files is better if you are former compress in harddisk then copied to flashdisk. This way besides economizing space also economizes time because flashdisk to require longer time copying files in a huge number.

My experience copying 500 fairish picture files average of 40KB directly pass the time approximately 30 seconds. While if compress I finishs time total about 9 second ( 6 second for compress, 3 second to copy).


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