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Manage Your Personality

Not only you and me, all people want to be successful. But most of people don’t know how to go, then they waste their potential, prosperity, also they feel it’s very hard to be successful. There are a few wrongness people do, and I try to explain some.
  • Give part of a daily time to plans and think about your profession. Do it in a spare time, not in a busy time.
  • Makes written of certain targets and determines duration of its solution.
  • Makes daily schedules, arranges your activity according to level of its urgency, give higher priority execution of important job/activity and executes daily plan in an appropriate time.
  • Give some back up time to anticipate various crisis’s or unexpected event.
  • Recognizes your time’s value and do not let time elapsed without bringing benefit.
  • Do not leave your work before finished it.
  • Say "not" to others people’s demand which can hinder from important job/activity, especially if it is outside from your plans.
  • Handle important problems which are difficult and bothers without postponement.
  • Tries looks for various information and actual reality, before taking decision.
  • Have adequate information about problem faced by.
  • Do orderly in management, business property, household, and all of your files.
  • Make your personality always ready, be calm, be patient, good in the case of accurate and appearance, mind clearness, way to approach clearly, step stability, authority and self confidence.
  • Can give various answers, gives or obtain cash for various charities, specifies various decisions during relatively in a short time, not because haphazardly, but management of yourself depend on accuracy, simplicity and speed.
  • Always having activity based on work program, do not let yourself brought drift by various phenomenon.
  • Always recognizes everything around you and always comprehends with your friends.
  • Hold out, positive thinking in facing problem, has durability to sees so can predict various things.
  • Have excellence scientific, well-balanced in authority, and serious in interacting.
  • Become references for other people when facing various problems.
  • Make needed emendation.
  • Actually I also can’t do all of those things, but I still try it, not only in my campus, but perhaps also in my work.
I hope there are useful.


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