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Successful Tricks to Manage Yourself

How to manage yourself? I will mention it step by step below.

Recognize Yourself
Have you ever contemplates whom actually are you? Have you ever thought up in your mind; where are you come from, where is your destination and for what do you life in the world?
It is very strange if people can’t recognize self. Like a patient, you must first known what is the disease symptom happened before consult to medical doctor and asks recipe.

Secret to recognize yourself
One a real important thing to develop self is ability to read ignominies or weakness in you. One of tool to recognize is analysis of SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat).

We can recognize own self by comprehending our ignominy as sincerity to see weakness owned by self. Man who is smart is man the always corrects self and charitable for stock after death."

Intelligence category of someone is not only capable to differentiate advantage and disadvantage, but also differentiates from two of badness. By having the intelligence also can manages weakness to become strength. Because weakness is not for regretted, but exactly exploited as trigger for our self applies the opportunity to reach achievement. Actually the important is not the problems which is we face, but is how and from where we look into the problems.

Successful Paradigm
People usually measures successful value from its possessions, flossy of appearance, height of power or [position/occupation] so that people volunteer releases having billion its(the possession for the shake of getting power or [position/occupation]. With power of s(he gets satisfaction of soul, because can govern others swimmingly. With power of s(he can dredge whoever possession easily.

Talks about success cannot be discharged from happiness word. What the meaning of copious property if we don’t have happiness because of physical pain, dirty soul, ambition, and desires always billow. It’s also related to how we say thanks to God.

Say Thanks to God!
Thanks to God is all important of heart quality. By thanking to God we would always covered peace taste, happiness and peaceful. On the contrary will feel less and unhappy. There is also one thing we can’t say thanks to God.

Firstly, we often focused to our desire, not at what we have. You have owned a house, vehicle, permanent job and good couple. But you still feel less. Your Mind is fulfilled by various targets and desires. You are so obsessed by big house, luxurious car, and job that earn more money. If we do not get it we always think of it. But surprisingly when we have got it, we still not satisfied; we wished more and more again. So however possessions which we have, we can’t ever becomes "rich" in meaning of truthfully.

Let us straightens our understanding about "rich" people. Man who "rich" is not a man who is having many things, but men who can enjoy anything with they have. Of course we can have our own desire, but we need to realize that this is the root of feeling no peaceful. We can change our feeling with focus at what which we have owned. Try to see situation around you, and thought of which you have. You can feel scrumptious of life.

Focus your attention at a good of superior, couple, and people around you. They will become more pleasing. An author has ever told, "Married with man who you loved then loves man who you married!" This is shape of thanks.

Second thing often makes we do not thanks to God is tendency of compared our self with others. We feel other people more lucky. Wherever we go, there is always a man who is cleverer, handsome, prettier, more confidence than us.

Lived will be happier if we can enjoy what we have done. In consequence thanks to God is a highest heart quality.


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