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Married, What is Your Motif?

Each of everyone of course has different motif in doing a nuptials, some of one is:

people wish to feel there is someone that is heartfelt dedication to him.
Relationship one-to-one: people wish to have an intimate relationship, durable, to one only. Many people wish to live with someone who is giving emotional support from passed affection, respect, trust and intimacy.

Friendship and share of each other
Nuptials give opportunity to overcome solitude and felt isolated.

People wish to love and loved others. In one marriage there is opportunity for fulfilled it basic need will love.

Marriage expected as source of someone happiness. But that is of all based on the people and how the interaction in itself marriage relationship.

Sexual Legitimacy and children
Marriage is acceptable potting of public to do coitus as well as having child in validity.
There is also negative motif to married, like to enrich, or for the shake of emotional security and safety of someone, solitude fear, or because wish to run away from situation of house that is not happy.

Now, what is your motif to be married?


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