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Keep Still Young (Healthy) when Become Old

Average of people is more than two third its life spans finished to work. Not be rather which until nearing dooms still earn life. His brain activity of course may not pension. But abundant physical activity without desisting makes body abrasion soon. They working physical without desisting until infirm, its Maximum Life Potential shall risk no longer full.

Someone is told can live it up, and lived it is felt to haves a meaning if his life gone through to be proportionately. For the purpose lived is unnecessary abundant. Need to provide time to be wistful. Had time for ‘time-out ' a moment, do some check-up to life. Also know when it's the moment must stand aside.

Becomes healthy of that he/she said how good we treat body alongside life. Are enough nutrients, so that our body machines are durable? Are enough daily intervals so that our ‘wheel and body tire’ are not worn-out? Are we have been enough our soul in peaces?Doleful soul also destroys body. Stress self damage body. Diabetes, coroner, hypertension, and also cancer made worse by stress. Perhaps that’s problem commonly happened after age 50, effect to continuously covered endless stress people now has crisis emerged before all. We see more and more psychosomatic to emerge now, form of sigh in body presented by doleful soul. Form of body disease emerging as result of waste away soul. In fact ca still we do to remains healthy of body reached until we ‘end’? Possibly some things below can assist.

  1. Our body age (Maximum Life Potential) determined by quality of vein. Venous have to supply food for all body cell. In order to optimize vein executes its duty not only its wall must remain to be elastic, but need to be prevented that do not heap fat rust (atherosclerosis) in there. For the purpose fat rate in blood (cholesterol, triglyceride) may not be let high. Diabetes, hypertension, uric acid, and free radical also add fat rust in vein wall thicker.

  2. With increasing of age, our venous wall would increasingly ossifies and rigid (arteriosclerosis). This inelasticity process quickened if nutrition which we are consumption is not always complete, hypertension also still present. Therefore besides hypertension must controlled, sufficiency of all nutrients, including vitamin and mineral assisting to keep vein healthy.

  3. Free radical are the inside and outside body. Our body produces antioxidant to neutralize free radical poison formed in body. But in the present day full of pollution (air, water, food, overtraining), antioxidant which body produced not able again to neutralize free radical which body receives. To lessen heap of free radical we can arrange life by choosing style and life pattern wiser in problem eats, works, and daily activity.

  4. Keep more natural daily menu, keeps away from junk food, now becomes habitual people in developed countries. Burger, steak, and some fast food, actually have been many losing of its nutrient, but inefficiency of fat, sugar, and salt. Menu type like this making fat in our blood tends to higher. Assumption fatter also gives prosperous impression must be extinct from our mind. But which is not fat is appertained healthy.

Life healthy until the end of life that is always awakes order and regular. Regular and orderly of mealtime, time worked, rest time, and time to release fatigue, recreation, besides routine physical exercise of body.

There is no need evidence again if life without physical exercise (sedentary life) increases coroner risk, or stroke, as same as with smoking and liquor. It is better starts thinking for ‘do by yourself ' in all day long. Doing some house works, mopping, washing up, and any else, this exercise most natural for our body muscle without need to cast aside special time like golf, or tennis.

For spirituality we need to provide recreation time and many laughing. Dose laughs at least third a day. Laughs make heart and lung healthy, besides adding rapid of blood stream. Accustoms invites brain remain to be active, always thinks positive (part of power of pray), and sharpens right brain with often enjoys artistry product (music, exhibition of painting, art), will build well-balanced life between thinking and feeling.


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