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Use Image File to Protect Your Data

Ever your thing you want to secure your private data with a unique method? You can try this experimental method to secure your data, so others people don’t know where you save it.
Actually I found this method not intentionally when I try to open damaged self-extracting file made by Winrar. From that case, I think I can embed compressed file with other file, but Winrar still can open and interpreted as compressed file.
Now how to do that? It’s easily. Just prepare compression software, one image, and file (or some files/folders) to secure. Below step by step method:

  1. Compress your files/folders to secure (I’ve use Winrar, but maybe you can use other software) as a ZIP compressed file. It’s better if that application support password.

  2. Prepare your own image to embed with compressed file. Put both image and compressed file in one folder.

  3. Run command prompt, and go to folder contains those file. Then execute this command:
    copy /b [image file] + [compressed file] destionation_file.JPG
    Example, if you have image file named mypic.jpg and compressed file just execute:
    copy /b mypic.jpg + dest.jpg

Now your file has embedded as dest.jpg file. It’s normally shows just as image file. But now try to open it with Winrar (I only try this by Winrar), by double click embedded file. Normally Winrar will open an external image application to open image file. But now is different. Winrar will show the content of compressed file and you can freely extract or view its contents.
Beside that, you can also use other file type except image file. I’ve try with DOC file, XLS file, and executable file, no problem occurs. You can try to experiment with other file.
Please note I’ve only try this method by Winrar (it is not promotion!). Please let me know if you can try with other compression application.


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