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How to Download Adds-On for Firefox

Recently I have downloaded and installed add-on theme for Firefox. Then I told to my friend that I have a theme file for Firefox. He’s very exciting. He amazed why I can download that theme file while he can’t. Early I also feel confused when I want to get its file without install it online. It’s just tricky and I will explain it here.

Normally when you want to install theme (or plug-in) you must install it online (shown below), and this is the easiest way. But how when your friend doesn’t have a good internet connection so can’t install it online? Just download the installer one.

First, we must check is that link refers to a file. You can’t do this by pointing your cursor on the ‘Install button’ link. Then read the address link at status bar. For example if its tail with ‘.jar’ then you can directly download it by right-click on that link and select menu ‘Save link as...’. If it isn’t, then you must click it first (maybe it will direct you to read a privacy policy).

If the file is downloaded, then you must rename it tail’s filename, for example from above: myfirefox- to myfirefox- After that you can install it by dragging its file into Firefox’s window. Then Firefox will automatically install it for you and just follow the instruction.

Now if some of your friend says to you, “your Firefox’s theme is cool. I want it but my connection is poor.” Just give your downloaded file to your friend and install it.


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