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Creativity in Your Work

All people are worker. Meanwhile, “activity” and “work” indicates to all activities done by man or by the man creation (technology, machine, tools). The some activities aim to obtain basic necessities of life, which we call fee, salary, commission, or money. There is also activity which more addressed to obtain mental necessities, like science and skill, either through formal or informal institution. A few activities also addressed to tighten social activity. And some of activities aim to obtain spiritual necessities giving brightness to seat of emotion, mind peacefulness, which is basal in facing life storms.

Even all people are worker, but the experts often discriminates thee type of job activity—in meaning of career maintaining life of worker—into five big groups.
  1. Functional work focused at technical expertise in special areas. This is done by mechanical expert, graphic design, Librarian, technician, operator, and etc.
  2. Managerial work focused at information analysis process and management of various manner resources, including leader. Worker in this group area called as manager, leader, or executive.
  3. Work of entrepreneur focused at effort to yield new product or service and/or builds organization of business (company) with aim to make a profit for the owner. We call this type as merchant, entrepreneurs, entrepreneur, conglomerate, or tycoon; depend on its business scale.
  4. Work of state focused at administration duties of bureaucracy, security and safety defense like public servant and military, with clearly and stability causing gives certain security.
  5. Self-supporting work focused having masterpiece freely according to each rhythm or in working, like researcher, actor, free writer, consultant, and etc.
Many people haves a notion from above that work as entrepreneur is the type which is the most claiming creativity. Because entrepreneur expected to do innovation productively novelty which good for wide public, also finds new ways giving added value to something before.

In the other hand, some people attaches predicate “creative worker” only limited to advertising industry practitioner. Especially because in explicit, in an advertising industry there is recognized position labeled “Creative Director”. Hereinafter, there is also correlates concept “creative worker” that only limited to the actors, theater player, man of letters, and practitioner of entertainment industrial, generally works outside offices.

So, did creative job that only limited to the entrepreneur, advertising practitioner and entertainment amusement industry? Did functional worker, worker managerial and state worker is not necessarily to be creative, just enough following system and procedure only?

In this third millennium, becomes creative worker applied almost in all work types mentioned above. Hard worked period is not our epoch again, notwithstanding is difficult for most of people not to strive. Beside work hard habit, need to be added ability to work smartly. This is creativity in a job.

Creativity in a job is interpreted as works with flexible and shorter time, self-supporting or in a team, in a work location that is also flexible, with pickings that are with higher quality. For that purpose is not even required healthy physical and discipline, but also by usage of the other intelligence potency which has been developed adequately.

With understanding this, emerges other opinion that work hard is a needed foundation, but will not bring someone to high quality of life. Work hard is required, but is not sufficient condition to enjoy life that is with high quality and full of meaning. Worked hard only draw if we still in age about 20-40 years. Over 40, we ought to have been able to work smartly, becomes creative worker, and is giving meaning to our fleeting life.


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