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A New World of Web with JavaFX

Through Rich Internet Application (RIA), an internet application run just like an desktop application. Microsoft do this with Silverlight, Adobe works on Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). Right now Sun comes with JavaFX.

Software developer have work hard to prepare a new inovation in a website. User can do more atractive. Data from internet and data from user's hard disk won't be separated. Browser have no 'very important' function again, because the software can comunicate to website directly. This is we called Rich Internet Application (RIA).

RIA supported by a platform, like a AIR from Adobe and Silverlight from Microsoft. Now Sun following with JavaFX, provide tools and support for RIA.

Runtime for JavaFX
JavaFX build with a diferent programming language. To run a web application based JavaFX, user needs a library called runtime. This runtime has been included in Java runtime engine 6 update 10. This condition is a big benefit for Sun to increase market for JavaFX. Also, java platform has been available for mobile equipment. Meanwhile, user must downloads a different runtime from Microsoft for Silverlight, or from Adobe for AIR.

Sun provide free developer tools for JavaFX, like a NetBeans for development environment and Project Nile to convert Photoshop and Illustrator file. In 2009, Sun will launch a special designer tools. It seems Sun have a big plan for this project.

Speed Up Vista Boot Time

Although your PC powered with Dual-core or Quad-core processor, and Windows Vista supported multi-core processor, Vista still boot too long. With a little trick, you can boost booting-time up to approx. 10%.

Microsoft provided hidden features to do it. There is an integrated option to activate multi-core processor into boot process.

From Start Menu, run 'msconfig' from Start Search or Run... menu, then System Configuration window will appear. Choose 'boot' tab, and click 'Advanced Option...' button. 'BOOT Advanced Option' window will appear, then check 'Number of processor' option. Now select number of core (maximum number recommended) that Vista should use for boot.

FYI: Vista boot time usually not constant. You can test it by boot your system several times. You can use freeware Windows Boot Timer ( to check yourself easily.

most Pirated Software Review in 2007

The most pirated software has been released by Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). They have received 427 report about pirate. what kinds of software that most pirated?

Here are the lists from SIIA version in 2007:
1. Symantec Norton AntiVirus
2. Adobe Acrobat
3. Symantec pcAnywhere
4. Adobe Photoshop
5. Autodesk AutoCAD
6. Adobe Dreamweaver
7. Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator
8. Roxio Toast Titanium
9. Ipswitch WS_FTP
10.Nero Ultra Edition

Also included the most pirated software in 2007:
1. McAfee VirusScan
2. Symantec Norton AntiVirus
3. McAfee Internet Security Suite
4. Intuit TurboTax
5. Adobe Photoshop
6. Adobe Acrobat
7. Intuit Quicken Home and Business
8. Symantec Norton pcAnywhere
9. Symantec Norton Ghost
10.Adobe Creative Suite

From lists above, we didn't find Microsoft's product, but actually we always expect Microsoft is the most.

Important Things before Start to Find a Job

Are you a worker candidate? Before applying a job, let’s find what your potential is.
  1. If you like to talk, you’re the best as a publisher, marketer, presenter, broadcaster, etc.
  2. If you like to think, you’re like to make a concept and an idea
  3. If you just like to act, as an administrator is match for you
  4. If you like to check, you’re good in an audit position
Which one do you prefer?

Now let’s talk about preparing to find a job. There’re a few things that you must know.

Knowing what do you want
Kind of job that you want must be clearly. Don’t think “anything”, but you must define it more specific as you can. This is the first important thing to become successful in a job.

Positive thinking and don’t worry about make a mistake
When you thinking “win” then you will win. If you thinking positive, everything surround you will be positive. If you want a good thing, you got it. You’re control your fate. Besides thinking about “good”, “positive”, “success”, you also find the worst thing in your life. Sometimes you must fight against worried to do mistakes. You must know that a mistake is a good teacher. If you don’t make a mistake, you are far away from successful.

Self confidence
If you don’t have self confidence, people won’t trust to you. People awing and give an appreciated to you that have self confidence. If you’re hesitant, people also become uncertain to you.

Take steps right now
Doing what do you want to do to get what you need. Make a commitment to do it right now.

Imagine about your new job
Tell to yourself how much do you want that job, and are you enjoy with that job. Dream about it, and your dream will become true.

Keep trying
Persevering to do better. Don’t stop if you’re reached the target. Keep trying and you will become success. Many people unsuccessful in a first try. Do it again and again and you will get it. There’s no way out.

Listen to other people
Other people can help you. Other people can teach you. It’s never easy for you to do it alone. If someone can help you, don’t forget to give some appreciation.