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Doctor Says, Laugh Three Times a Day

There is one question, what prescription an old man to be a young man? Laugh Three Times a Day. Not only a little laugh, its must be until your stomach quaking. Those odd activities proven not only for fun without have benefit. Laugh simply can become potion.

Laugh is sure increase product of endorphin, a kind of morphine produced by body. Endorphin loosens poignant of physical and mind. Besides with double up with laughter, lung and heart also is raced, so that breath and pulse accelerates faster. Consequently, blood in our body is more rapidly flows.We know that blood stream people which average of its life less to move, tends to lax, and often stop. That also one of initial cause why people now more susceptibly is attacked stroke, and coroner heart. Farther, laugh also necessary for people with “special” personality, which is they having hobby to bridle dander. Laugh and angry cannot emerge concurrent. Hence before have come too far unintentionally angry, made laugh formerly.

People became not angry if laugh. And also triggers heart attack or stroke, laugh can become emerge bargainer drug of death of man who have heart attack, or talented of stroke. But laugh has not been sold in a pharmacy.

Study in Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, reveal, that laugh prevents heart attack. About two fifth heart patient average of simply less of laugh. Whereas a laugh vanishes stress mental. Stress mental also destroy vein wall layer start the forming ”fat rust”. This rust layer then becomes cause of coroner or stroke (Dr. Michael Miller, Prevention Director of University Heart Maryland).

In reality is not all people can be easy laughing. It’s the matter sense of each humor. Dr. Dean Shibata from Rochester medical university finds center of laugh in man brain. Exactly in a part of forehead above of right eye. If this part stimulated with humors, from brain imagery MRI, would seen electrics activity appearance increasing in part of this brain. On the contrary, electrical activity of its brain changes is abnormal if the person has depression. Hence people became hard to laughing if the emotion annoyed, including while on the warpath.

This location in brain also relates ability to make a concept, plans, besides association with social decision making, and emotional. That why the man with humors, also has creativity and many idea.

Since a long time humor is assumed part of personality and has a big role in balancing negative emotions, like having fear, sad, and anger. Now a number of researches explain why stroke patient lost its humor taste, besides threatened can be experience personality change also having stroke befalls part of brain.

More and more we set free negative emotion, also more and more we cannot laugh. Without laughing life then becomes drought. In balancing life, laugh is required. Without laugh, endorphin as neutralizer of lives poignant unable to be produced, and heart attack and also stroke threaten.

So, have you laugh today?


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